"Dee" is a screenplay and a re-write of my original short play, "Dee". I submitted it to the Summer Reproductions Screenplay Contest and got in SECOND PLACE!

"Dee" covers the life of Amy who is learning to coexist with her depression in very real but hilarious ways. You can learn more on my "What Am I Up To?" page!

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"Bird/Plane" is a one act about two exes who are forced to confront each other in a stalled, empty, subway where one remembers their pitfalls and the other doesn't remember anything at all.

It premiered at the second play festival: Missed Connections, produced by River City Stages. For more information please check out my "What Am I Up To?" page.



I wrote "D" after discovering my own depression in my twenties. It's a short, 10-minute, play where the personification of depression wreaks some hilarious havoc on the daily life of Amy.

"D" was produced in spring 2017 in the first play festival produced by River City Stages at Actors Connection, Studio 7.

Period Piece

Ever get annoyed at your boyfriend for being annoyed at your period? That's why I wrote "Period Piece". A 10-minute play about the over-reaction of periods. Some people think having one is like being in a Tarantino movie, I wrote a play reflecting that.

For more info about "Period Piece" check out my "Directing" page!