Period Piece - by Jess Rawls

In the spring of 2017 I had the pleasure of directing the very talented Becky Granger and Mahlon Raoufi in a 10-minute play I wrote myself entitled: "Period Piece". If you watch the video I'm sure you'll understand the premise...

It was first produced during River City Stage's first ever play festival held at Actors Connection, Studio 7.


Never Swim Alone - by Daniel MacIvor

In the winter of 2014 I co-directed "Never Swim Alone" by Daniel MacIvor with the wonderful Colleen Murphy at the Shafer Alliance Laboratory Theatre in Richmond, VA. The show is an abstract one act about the competition everyday men face and how it affects the rest of their lives and relationships. It starred Colin McLaughlin, Taylor Ballard, and Riley MacIsaac. 

Graphic Design by Case Little
Photography by Daryll Morgan